Nuclear Services

Southern Synergy provides engineering and consulting services to the nuclear power industry. These services can be provided from our Decatur, AL home office or at the client’s facilities.

Nuclear services provided are performed under our Quality Assurance program which satisfies the applicable requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B and ASME NQA-1.

Our scope of services includes:

Project Management Configuration Management
Reconstitution and Design Baseline Verification Design Basis Documentation (DBD)
Set point and Scaling Calculations Implementation of Design Changes
Risk Assessments and Failure Modes Analysis Equipment Database Management and Update
Updating EQ Program Documentation 10CFR50.59 Safety Evaluations
Extended Power Uprates (EPU) Preparation and Assessments for:
License Renewal activities NRC Inspections
Alternate Source Term (AST) implementation Maintenance Program Assessments
License Renewal Program Basis Documents Quality Assurance Audits & Surveillances
Initiation and resolution of field changes to design documents and drawings INPO Assist Visits
Development, Review, and Approval of Design Change Packages Safety System Functional Inspections (SSFI)
Independent oversight and/or audit for ongoing design work Problem Identification and Resolution (PI&R) inspections
Equipment qualification programs per IEB 79-01B, NUREG 0588, 10CFR50.49 Component Design Basis Inspections (CDBI)
Procurement engineering and material management in accordance with: Procurement and Material Management Inspections
EPRI NP-5652 (NCIG-07), Environmental Qualification Program Assessments
NP-6406 (NCIG-11),
NP-6408 (NCIG-13).