SSI uses Primavera Project Planner (P3)or Microsoft Project for scheduling. It generates a CPM network that is used for manpower and cost control analysis, and provides useful reports for project management. SSI uses this system to develop project schedules and calculate the critical path of the project. The system can also be used for “what if” analysis and simulation to determine potential disruptions to the critical path, output overlapping schedules, Lead-lag, finish-start, start-start, and finish-finish type scheduling logic will be used to overlap the various activities for the appropriate amount.

The project manager is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the engineering and field construction schedules. The engineering schedule is maintained with input from the engineering project manager using an earned value method. For the construction schedule, the weekly reported quantities of field progress is also used as a tool to maintain the project schedule, along with daily communication between the project manager and the site superintendent. This is normally displayed in time scaled logic or bar chart format. Complete engineering, procurement, and construction schedules are integrated into a master project schedule.